Sunday, 25 November 2012

Heavy weapon team bases.

Now that 6th Ed is in full flow I decided it was time to get my heavy weapon teams on some large bases.

Because I'm using classic Valhallans there weren't special bases for them when they were produced they just came as two chaos and a gun or one sat on a gun with a loader.

As I build my Autocanno teams out of Heavy Bolter dudes, they are on the little trolleys.

To get the bases going I decided to do a little bit of modelling and not just glue the dudes onto the bases, to make it easier to transport and mark wounds etc.

I picked up some laser cut wooden bases. from eBay on the cheap, as the plastic GW bases are extortionate.
A pile of bases.

Then using some Modelling clay I made a pancake of the material between two bases.

Clay ball
I then pressed a couple of bases and the train for the lascannon into the clay to give good anchors for the models.

Fitting the Loaders.

In the end I had 8 bases, 4 Autocannon and 4 Lascannon, now they just need to dry and be painted/flocked and I should have some tournament legal Heavy Weapons Teams!

Finished bases.

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